Watch Amazing Response Of Salman Khan On Indo-Pak War

The Indo-Pak war is an event that has been going on for ages now. The circumstances under which this war has been taking place ever since 1947 has led to a serious rift between the hindu and muslim communities. Recently there has been so much war between these two nations on the Kashmir issue which has led to the loss of millions of lives. There was also an attack by the Indian army on the Pakistani troops on the border, which ended up in the Indians killing all the Pakistani terrorists on the border. Pakistan also counter-attacked India by launching missiles on our part of the border as well.

There has been an increased tension between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue for a long time now. This issue is still going strong and many people are also demanding war in order to end this situation. However amidst all this war situation, Salman Khan gave a very important, powerful and meaningful statement when the media asked him about his views on the Indo-Pak war. He said that it is easy to talk about war, but the soldiers are the only people who would know the true intensity and impact of the war. This is the main reason that Salman wants peace between both the nations. At a press conference which was held recently for promoting his upcoming film “Tubelight”, Salman said that “Peace” is the best alternative and this will also spare many lives. The superstar voiced his opinion and also said that no one benefits from violence.

When talking about people demanding war, Salman emphasized on the fact that if the same people were given a gun and asked to fight on the border they would then realize the difficulty. It was really amazing to see such a huge Global star voice his opinion on such a serious and critical issue.