Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

Everbody desires a perfect body, and we do our best to attain the healthiest version of ourselves . But sometimes, healthy and toned don’t go hand in hand. You may have seen people with the perfect figure having a stubborn nasty thing, called belly fat. That’s right, belly fat is the hardest fat accumulation to get rid of. Belly fat usually is caused by gaining weight at a certain part of tummy, or by other factors that we overlook in our daily lives.

So here we are bringing to you 10 unique and magical ways to get rid of that stubborn fat, without much fuss or expense. Just follow these simple methods and see that fat melt away!


1. Lemon and honey


Kick start your day with a glass of warm water, half teaspoon honey, and half a lemon.This drink helps to clear away any toxicity from body and helps in debloting, making belly flat and stomach clean.



2. Eat at correct hours


The best time to take heavy protein meals should be between 3-4 pm during the day. This gives ample of time to break down and digest the food, absorbing all the nutrients, without storing belly fat.



3. Eat right


Eating right includes eating right portions as much as the right kind of food. Consuming small portions at an interval of 2-3 hours throughout the day doesn’t let belly fat stay.



4. Exercise right


It’s a simple fact, to burn down the fat, exercise is must. Incorporate high cardiovascular exercises in your regime. The trick here is, to do a high and low intensity cardiovascular, bringing your heart rate up, then letting it cool down, then go again . This trick will keep your fat burning through out the day.



5. Sugar, not so sweet


Keep sugar at bay, so that the insulin remains intactly low. This helps Glucagon harmone to release, which is responsible in keeping the belly flat.



6. Chew slow


Taking small bites, and chewing your food slow and properly does half the work in the mouth itself. It boosts digestion and doesn’t let belly fat accumulate.

7. Stress management

Now, stress can’t be avoided, but surely can be handed well. Higher stress level leads to fatigue and belly fat. Deal with stress by slow breathing, deep breathing, and brisk walks to avoid belly fat.



8. Tea time switch

Switch from heavy milk tea to light and healthy green tea, or lemon tea. Milk tea causes bloating and gastric problems which causes belly fat.



9. Yoga


Yoga provides strength, peace, and flexibility. Those who can’t work it out at the gym, or don’t want to, should see yoga for its magical abilities. Yoga helps gain flexibility and get rid of belly fat.


10. Clear Plastic Wrap

This will get rid of belly fat overnight, magically! Rub a lotion on your problem area, and secure it with a plastic wrap. Make sure to leave no air trapped inside, yet don’t tighten it up to cause discomfort. Sleep, and remove the wrap the next morning, and get your flat belly! The trick here is, that the wrap causes heat at the problem area, making it sweat. The flat belly in the morning is due to the loss of water weight. This works wonders, but is not a permanent solution.