Shruti Hassan To Turn Into A Script Writer

There are many actors and actresses in the Bollywood film industry who tend to pursue different activities and passions which really interest them in real life. Despite acting being their main career prospect, they tend to explore many more opportunities and use their other talents and skills for the greater good.

Taking the example of renowned Bollywood and South-Indian Star Actress, Shruti Hassan who is the daughter of tamil superstar, Kamal Hassan has received quite a praise for the various work she has done apart from acting in many movies. Shruti Hassan is actually an extremely talented celebrity. She has done quite a few tamil movies and hindi movies, and also did a small ad campaign for the dengue awareness program conducted by the tamil government. She is also a very talented singer who received quite a success after starring in the hit music video, ‘Why this kolaveri di’ with Dhanush and also for her recreated version of the song ‘Ranjha Ranjha’ from ‘Raavan’ along with AR Rahman, which basically took the audience aback.

Recently, news was spread in the media and the film industry that Shruti has now decided to hone her script writing and editing skills, thereby adding a new skill to her profile. It is very exciting news that Shruti will be going forward with her debut behind-the-scenes. Recently in an interview she said, “I’ve always been interested in writing and often pen the lyrics of my own songs. I also write short poems and stories when I am travelling. So writing a film is something I will definitely explore this year”. News also has it that Shruti has planned to release around four to five multilingual movies on a smaller budget using her own production banners and production house.

It is going to be very exciting to see her pursue one of her other passions, and there is no doubt that she will excel at it.