See The Reaction Of Pakistani Team On English Interview! Epic Fail

Presenting and speaking clearly at a press conference is key for any sportsman or celebrity for that matter. It doesn’t matter whether they know English or not, all that matters is that they are able to convey the message clearly to the media and the audience. Pakistan players have always faced a lot of difficulties talking in English at the post-match ceremonies. They always seem a little shy and afraid of talking in English. Pakistan has always lacked the confidence to speak to a crowd about anything for that matter, even addressing the fans.

The ICC Champions Trophy is becoming interesting day by day; and as the semi-finals are approaching, all the fans are busy cheering for their respective teams. However, this season Pakistan has not been able to deliver a steady performance with the bat nor with the ball. Their bowling has always been the standout for them and it is because of that slightly mediocre bowling line-up that they have made it to the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy 2017. India easily defeated Pakistan in the match on the 4th of June; and the social media was full of jokes and memes about them. The Pakistan team has been trying hard to please fans and the team also managed to live up to their fans’ expectations by beating Sri Lanka, thereby sealing their spot in the semi-final.

However, the post-match presentation caused a lot of embarrassment for the entire Pakistan team. History has it that whenever it comes to post-match presentations, all the Pakistani players always lack that confidence to speak.

The audience and the media have always made fun of the way they speak and their English too has been inefficient. The Pakistani Captain, Sarfraz Ahmed was stunned when he arrived at the Post-Match presentation and saw a majority of English reporters.
This was embarrassing for the entire Pakistani team and they should really learn to be more confident while speaking, and it doesn’t really matter if they don’t know proper English. Confidence is key in such situations.