Ronaldo Involved In Tax Fraud Of 120 Crores? Now What’s Next?

The fact is that even the greatest stars in the world face problems and some serious issues. The worst part is that they get in trouble when they never expect it to happen. Just a couple of years ago Lionel Messi was involved in a major tax fraud that was a major hindrance to his career at some point. After Messi’s major problems with the Spain tax department, Cristiano Ronaldo is now unfortunately surrounded by many legal troubles over the tax problem.

Ronaldo is now facing a lot of issues with the Spain tax department, which has also affected his game altogether in the La Liga tournament. A lawsuit has been filed against him by Spain’s prosecutor office. In the lawsuit, it is clearly written that Ronaldo has defrauded the Spanish authorities of about £14.7 million between the years 2011 to 2014. However, Ronaldo has clearly denied any such pieces of news. He is accused of four counts of tax fraud, purely on the basis of reports gathered from Spain’s tax agency.


There is speculation that Ronaldo’s business rights have been hidden in some way. However, Ronaldo’s tax agent has something totally different to say on this matter. The agency is supporting the fact that Ronaldo has paid all his taxes on time and not delayed it even once. Infact there has been proof that he paid an extra £5.2 million to balance it out. Ronaldo on the other hand is pretty relaxed; he is not at all worried about this because he believes in the fact that every legal and tax problems can be solved, just by making some good and wise decisions.

The audience, media and all his fans will have to wait and see if he is actually tax clear or if he is infact guilty of tax fraud.