This Girl With Beard Gave A lesson to all her lesson and ruled the internet like anything

It is awfully easy to laugh at a person and judge his or her looks. The fact is we don’t think before doing anything like this. Little do we know that they might be suffering from a chronic disease or some kind of ailment. We should understand what struggles they might be going through everyday in life. We must put ourselves in their shoes and think about what we would’ve done in that situation.

So, instead of mocking or belittling them we can do our best to try and help them in every way possible. One such incident took place with a 24 year old girl from Bronx, New York, Alma Torres. She had an excess growth of facial hair due to an increased level of testosterone in her body, as revealed by the doctors at a local hospital. To be more precise, she almost had a full beard that made her extremely vulnerable to hurtful taunts, sarcastic remarks and what not.

People even went to the extent of making ridiculous memes, gifs and photo-shopped pictures of her and spreading it all around social media. This is a real cruel thing that can happen to any person for that matter. Instead of passing hurtful remarks towards her, people should just learn how to empathize with them and not belittle them or put them down. Studies have shown that this kind of act can psychologically affect a person in the long run.

But, sometimes courage to fight against the world is all it takes to come back swinging. Today, this valiant woman has defied all the odds and taken the road less trodden and is now brimming with confidence. She has totally overcome her fear of being judged, ridiculed and abused and is now leading her life on her own terms, and at her own will. She is truly an inspiration for all those people who live their lives fighting the society just because they are different.