First Meeting Of PM Modi And Trump- Check What International media wrote

It is always amazing to see when probably two of the most powerful men on the Earth come face to face with each other on an International scale. The president of the United States of America is the most powerful man on Earth, and without a doubt he has the power to even make end of life decisions for the people of the United States.

Donald Trump, who is a huge business tycoon, was recently elected as the new President of the United States after Barack Obama; and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India a couple of years ago, mainly with the objective to bring about some reform in the government of India and also, the people of the nation. Recently, news has been spread that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are scheduled to meet each other very soon on an International platform.

It can be said without any doubt that the whole world is waiting to know how these two great leaders will get along with each other. Both these dignitaries have varying personas and characteristics. Considering the previous encounters of the other leaders with Donald Trump, which have not generally gone too well, the media and the Indian government is extremely concerned about the outcome of this encounter between these two leaders. However, Donald Trump had praised Narendra Modi during his election campaign and also exchanged a few pleasant words with him on social media platforms, mainly twitter and facebook.

There is no doubt that the Indian PM had a very cordial and peaceful relation with the previous President of USA, Barack Obama. It is obvious that he will want to take it further from there, primarily because good relations with the USA are very important and crucial for India’s growth.

So the audience and the media will have to wait and see how this encounter goes down!