Farhan Akhtar To Build Supermodel Body For His Upcoming Film

Certain actors need to achieve a particular level of determination and dedication before attempting any film that demands an amazing body. That requires utmost dedication and the protagonist needs to follow a strict diet coupled with regular exercise as well. Recently news has spread in the media that Farhan Akhtar is peddling his way to a supermodel body for his next film. This 43-year-old actor basically cycles almost 22 km daily, and follows it up with an intense workout routine. He also plays volleyball twice a week.

Before he took off to Spain for a holiday recently, Farhan Akhtar told his trainer who has been working with him for almost 12 years now, Samir Jaura, that he wanted to look like a lean, mean supermodel on the cover of an international magazine, and also promote his upcoming film simultaneously. Farhan told his trainer that he had only about 8 weeks to get there and he is willing to do anything at all to achieve his target and goal.

The next 56 days ever since his visit to Spain involved waking up at 5:30am and cycling for about 22 km which was followed by a two-hour workout every morning and rigorous volleyball sessions twice a week. In a couple of days, Farhan broke his own record by cycling around 42 kilometers from Bandra to Kolaba in just 2 and a half hours. On all the social media sites, Farhan admitted that he is mainly getting into the zone that he wants for his next film. Some sources have also revealed that the details of what, when and with whom his next film will be will follow up really soon.

Farhan recently said, “I have the coolest trainer whose expertise, care and encouragement makes it possible and fun.” It will be an amazing experience watching Farhan with an amazing body yet again in another movie after Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.