Best food for younger looking skin

These are few foods which works as an antiaging nutrients which no other cream or product can give. It protects the skin to cause damage and make it look older.

These are few food which can help to rejuvenate the skin.


It contains lycopene which helps to prevent from sun damage. It is best when boiled, cooked and made as a soap, anything can be a great option to go with. Intake of tomatoes 5 each week, the results will show up after few days.

Dark chocolate-

Don’t worry it won’t increase your weight but make sure don’t have it too much because it should be balanced with your diet. It improves blood circulation and blood go through the scalp that may keep your hair healthy. About 150 calories of dark chocolate is sufficient to intake daily.

Sweet potatoes-

It releases free radicals preventing damage to dead skin cells. It gives the benefit of Vitamin A which helps in to fight from the aging and lets the skin to look young and healthy.


It helps the skin retain moisture and make it soft. It maintains the scalp nourishment of hair so that the hair remain healthy. Hair plays the important part because sometimes unhealthy can let the acne pop out.

Black berries and raspberries-

It has ellagic acids to protect from UV rays and help to prevent from the wrinkles breaking out in the early age. Half cup of fresh berries can be more than enough.


It is filled with Vitamin A which prevents from overproduction of skin cells, skin cells leads to cancer and also contributes to clogged pores.


It contains Vitamin E that defends against sun damage. It helps us maintain healthy weight. Intake of almonds can also improve memory and plus keeps hair scalp healthy.