Arshad Warsi’s Versova Bunglow demolished Partly For Alleged Illegal Construction

Bollywood actors and actresses unfortunately have to deal with many issues in their lives, and the worst part is the media makes it sound even bigger than it actually is. Recently, news had spread that the Munnabhai superstar ‘Circuit’ played by Arshad Warsi was charged allegedly with building the second floor in his Versova bungalow, thereby causing the court to take it into their custody. A couple of days ago the BMC demolished one part of the film actor Arshad Warsi’s bungalow at Versova on Monday for allegedly constructing an additional floor illegally.

This move basically took place around four years after the alleged illegality came under the radar of the BMC scanner. In the initial stage the bungalow was locked when the government civic officials visited the premises, so they had to carry out only the symbolic demolition of that particular floor. The BMC had basically stuck a demolition notice on Arshad Warsi’s bungalow No. 10 in the Air India Co-operative Society called Shantiniketan, thereby giving just about 24 hours to remove the illegal construction of the second floor. But, there was surprisingly no alleged response from the actor and eventually BMC carried out the partial demolition on Monday.

All the BMC board members and officials had said that they would issue another notice to Arshad and his wife, Maria Goretti, and ask them to provide civic staff access to the property in order to remove the illegal floor. Sources had also revealed that the Floor Space Index (FSI) of a majority of the bungalows were occupied and therefore BMC decided that they would perform a background check and confirm with all the bungalows in that respective neighbourhood whether their flooring specifications are legitimate or not.

The press and the media will have to wait and see what Arshad and Maria do to tackle this case.