Virat Opens Up About His And Anushka’s Special Moments

There are very few couples and relationships that last these days. The times have changed from when people were committed to each other for a lifetime. Nowadays it has become a trend where men and women get committed to each other and drop the ‘love’ word prematurely. This premature feeling of love is basically what ruins relationships in the first place. But, fortunately there are some couples who really last.

Such is the situation with Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli and one of bollywood’s top actresses Anushka Sharma. The audience are really in love with this Cricket-Bollywood unique jodi of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Surprisingly, these two aren’t as loud and expressive as the other couples are. The media doesn’t even know when they even meet up. But suppose the media catches them together, they easily get an idea of the raunchy and sublime chemistry they share. Whether it is via social media networks like facebook and instagram, the audience and the fans have got enough hints by now that they are a couple who are truly made for each other and are eventually inseparable lovebirds.

The people and the audience hope that their rock-solid relation stays unaffected forever. There have been many times when a few journalists have even tried to get some personal information from both Virat and Anushka about their relationship, but the two of them always prefer to keep mum over their commitment to each other. Virat is basically outspoken when compared to Anushka’s docile nature. However, news has revealed that the cricketer has once again revealed a little bit more about his relationship with Anushka in a video that went viral. After hearing this the audience eventually started admiring this couple all the more.

In this latest video, Virat basically talks about his cricketing career and also says how lucky he is to share all this with Anushka. This is a connection that is very rare to find and the audience and the fans hope that they stick together forever.