Story of a 69 years old who was assaulted by the age of 9 will melt your heart!

Child abuse and sexual assault are one of the grave dangers that plague our society today. Times have changed from those innocent days where people didn’t even know the meaning of the world ‘assault’.

Now people have evolved for the worse and this has resulted in an explosion of such crimes in the recent past. The number of child abuse and sexual assault cases recorded every year are unimaginable. Sometimes, these cases even go un-noticed, which is the worst possible thing that could happen to any such victim.


The assaulters don’t seem to realize that such an incident at such a young age can really scar the child maybe forever. That child will never be able to cope up with life bravely, they will always think twice before doing anything. Millions of children around the world are abducted, assaulted and trafficked, which is really horrifc to its very core. Some of the cases even ruins the child’s life forever. A similar incident happened with a 69 year old man when he was sexually assaulted by his high school teacher almost 60 years ago.

This man is now 69 years old and is still haunted by that incident. This just gives us an idea of the kind of impact that incident had on this man’s life. The man explains exactly how the incident has severely affected his life and damaged his self-confidence. He also revealed that he has been living with a ‘burden of shame’ over his head all this while. However, the silver lining was that he finally seemed to have some ease of mind when he disclosed all about his horrific experience to the public.


The victim’s name was Peter and he revealed to the public that his deputy head teacher, Earle took him down to his dormitory one night and sexually abused and assaulted him at Upcott House Preparatory School.


He continued abusing him for four years after that as well and also bribed him with buttered toast to keep the secret to himself. Such incidents do nothing but scar the lives of such young boys and girls and destroys their self-confidence.