Sehwag’s Untold Truths about his Life!

Virender Sehwag has always been one of India’s most loved cricketer. He is still known for his immaculate timing and power-packed batting performances. People still look up to him even now despite the fact that he has retired from all formats of cricket. Before, he was known for whacking long sixes on the field but now, he is mostly known for his amazing tweets.

Every person in this world will have some secrets to keep. Some might not be comfortable sharing them with anyone while, on the other hand some might be. Sehwag has been always will be everyone’s favorite cricketer; mainly because he was just too amazing with batting and his energy on the field would just make audiences love seeing him out there. However, after his amazing performances on the field, he is now apparently hitting sixers on Twitter. He has become famous for all his hilarious trolls, memes and birthday wishes on twitter.

With over 10 million followers on twitter and still counting, Sehwag entertains all the tweety birds extremely well. The general public always seems to have that keenness and curiosity to know more and more about their favorite actors, cricketers, footballers etc. This time they are very eager to know some interesting tit-bits about their beloved Viru Paaji. Recently a video was posted on the UC browser in which Sehwag gets candid about his life. He really opens up about some of the hidden realities of his life.

He talks about everything right from his home ministry career, his wife all they way to his favorite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He speaks a lot about his personal life and the audience will definitely love all his little secrets. He also talks about how superstitious he was at the start of his career and how Sachin changed his life.
These are seriously priceless moments and memories from Sehwag’s life! Definitely worth a watch!