Salman Proved It Again He Is The Sultan: Check How Much He Paid To A Auto Driver

Salman khan is one of the most respected and most loved actors in Bollywood. Apart from being such a mega superstar, he is also a wonderful human being. His brand ‘Being Human’ is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world. Salman Khan has done a few terrible things in his life like the black buck incident and drunk driving quite a few times. Whether good or bad, he has the knack of being in the news always. This perfectly stays true for Salman Khan who is one of the most successful and loved actors of Bollywood. He is the true ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood and all his fans always go crazy about him, most of all whatever he does becomes a piece of news memorabilia.

The audience already knows the fact that Salman has a golden heart and loves to help people in every which way that he can. The actor is always there for the anyone who need his assistance at any time and he never seems to mind at all going that extra mile to help others in need. Sources have revealed that recently on Tuesday night, Salman took an auto ride with producer Ramesh Taurani from Mehboob studios to his apartment. Salman had gone to Mehboob Studios mainly to have a tryst with his former girlfriend and Bollywood superstar actress Katrina Kaif. From there, he asked for an auto ride to reach his home at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra.

Now, the distance between Mehboob studios and Salman’s apartment is hardly 600 meters or so and the fare would be a minimum of 18 rupees at the max. But, Salman paid the auto driver 1000 rupees for this really small ride home. Now this has got to be the one of the most noble and kind acts he has ever done. He certainly is the ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood.