Reasons For Chapped Lips

Reasons For Chapped Lips

Dry skin can be easily characterized as one of the most irritating and hideous looking skin abnormalities ever. This is most prominent when a person has chappy lips and the skin around the lip area and also the corners of the mouth become fully dry and starts to peel off. There are many reasons behing chappy lips. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Reasons For Chapped Lips

Licking the lips continuously –

This is a common mistake people do whenever they have chapped lips. The problem with this is that once a person licks the dry parts of the mouth and removes the tongue, the lips feel dry again and the licking process continues in this fashion. This subsequently leads to lip-dehydration.

Dehydration –

Drinking sufficient amounts of water everyday is extremely important, failing which the area around the lips becomes really dry. Also, the lips do not contain any sort of sweat or oil glands to keep it moist so they easily become dry and chapped if the person does not drink enough water.

Not enough protection –

Sunscreen creams and lotions can also be applied to the lip area. People fail to understand this and therefore end up with dry skin and chappy lips. It is highly recommended that people wear some kind of sunblock cream or lotion to prevent excess dehydration.

Mouthbreathing –

Now, people who have adenoid problems, nasal allergies or sleep apnea generally sleep with their mouths wide open. Breathing through the mouth can eventually cause chappy lips and dry skin around the mouth area.

Allergies –

Some people are just allergic to particular substances and particles in the atmosphere itself that causes dry skin very often. Also, the people who take medications might have some allergic reactions.

Weather –

Cold winters are the times when dry skin and chappy lips occurs most frequently.