Ranbir Kapoor is Shaking a Leg In Morocco

Ranbeer Kapoor Is Shaking A Leg In Morocco

The media is often known to gather information from various sources and amplify it in such a way that audiences begin to wonder what exactly is going on. They have the rare talent of arousing the public’s attention to any bollywood gossip. One such gossip has been spread around the media that Ranbir kapoor was found showing off some of his dance moves in Morocco, while shooting for his upcoming movie Jagga Jasoos, with his Ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Director Anurgag Basu has revealed that the two protagonists were shaking a leg to a song sequence in the movie, parts of which were shot on the streets of Morocco. As a part of the dance sequence Ranbir and Katrina were required to hold a cap and beg for money on the streets while shaking a leg to a tune.

Ranbeer Kapoor Is Shaking A Leg In Morocco

We find the two protagonists, completely involved in their respective characters play their parts beautifully. Ranbir and Katrina have been shooting the last leg of Jagga Jasoos, and were required to complete this dance sequence to wrap up this film. The film had already undergone a delay in its expected completion date and Director Anurag Basu said that they cannot afford any more holds during the shooting as they were running behind schedule. Sources have revealed that a huge crowd had gathered during the shooting of that particular song sequence and were also helping out the two actors while playing their parts. Ranbir and Katrina also had an interaction session with the crowd soon after the shoot was over. Jagga Jasoos has generated quite the spark among audiences with its strange but interesting trailer and Ranbir Kapoor as the leading man in the film. This film has a lot to offer and lot of expectations hanging over it. It is sure to hit the right spot at the box office and hopefully do wonders.