New craze going amongst U.S. population which is called “Goat Yoga”

This is the latest craze going on, Adonna Ebrahmi while doing yoga stretched on her yoga mat, and she was struggling for her cobra pose. This composure takes a couple of baby goats to do the balancing act on her back. “First it was scary to have a goat on by back because I had no idea how do they go up, when I saw them jumping up it made me scare more.
But when you do yoga in an open space where you see the sky, trees around you and the natural air. It just feels so good and peaceful.” Well there were around 20 people doing the activity. It was an order yoga class where in fact children and moms also participated.
The yoga instructor was Meredith Lana who encouraged all the participants. She taught them few techniques like inhale and exhale. She guided them to watch their back posture. It was an experience where the animals were jumping on peoples back and licking them.
Lana told about this activity that “They do leave there essence like their smell on the mat and eat your hair. But this therapy is priceless. All the tension and the feeling of fear goes away when you see these baby goats around you.”
Whereas the latest craze is going viral and in the country like U.S. people are doing it, it is also fun.

Welcome and we are glad to introduce this yoga which is named as “Goat Yoga” the latest fitness is also lining up in the popular classes, leaves the participants to great Namaste in this posture.

The types of goats used while doing this yoga posture involves Nigerian dwarf and miniature goats.
We hope this crazes starts in India too so that we can also consume some of the benefits it is offering us.