A Mouth Shutting Reply Of News Reporter To Maulana On His Cheap Comment

Women must be treated equally as men. However, the world is filled with sexists that do not believe in this at all. They think that women should always consider what men want. Some men just pass sexist remarks and stand their ground without realizing that women also have certain rights and their own free will.

A very similar incident took place when a muslim cleric asked a news anchor to wear her underwear to work. It is so sad that we live in such a sexist world that has never praised or rewarded women for their greatness or their achievements, but inturn expects a lot from them on the other hand. It can be as simple as doing grocery shopping, going out of the house or being inside, a woman has to go suffer a lot of cultural restrictions, which in turn restricts her and curbs her from setting up any new trends and landmarks whatsoever.



However, today women have become much more psychologically stronger and a major positive change is being noticed where women cannot stand to bow down to some of the hollow and pointless laws made for the welfare of a particular sex. Eventually every woman is now standing up to end this long war of the sexes.

Infact, recently two Bollywood star actresses Priyanka Chopra & Fatima Sana Shaikh were properly criticised by the Twitterati for their dressing at an event. This topic then became a national discussion and also was the main part of a debate on Channel Mirror News, which was being hosted by famous news anchor Faye D’Souza. It was during this debate that the news anchor was thrown this sexist remark by the Muslim Cleric, Maulana. But, Faye gave Maulana a serious comeback reply to his sexist remark. She said, “ Let me tell you, Maulana ji, Aap jaise maine bahut dekhe hai, Im not afraid of you, Im not threatened by you, and most of all, Im not rattled by you.”