Mohammad Shami Reacted Furiously On A Pakistani Fan’s Comment “Baap Kaun Hai?”

Sledging has always been a major setback in cricket ever since the game was first invented in England all those years ago. Probably this is very prominent throughout the cricketing world where teams utilize these cheap strategies to frustrate and anger the bowler or batsmen to play a bad shot or bowl a bad ball, so that they could get results in their favour.

Now it has come to a stage where the fans have started sledging other teams and passing unwanted remarks against them. Especially when it is an India-Pakistan final, the sledging is almost double, especially from all the Pakistan fans out there. Pakistani fans are busy trolling Indians and making fun of the team members and the coaches as well. It is totally okay celebrating a victory in an all-important ICC champions trophy final but there should be some real standards while doing it as well.

The last couple of days have been pretty intense for the Indian team especially because the fans had completely lost their minds.
The media saw some Pakistani fans surrounding Saurav Ganguly’s car and chanting slogans in favor of their country, a couple of days back. This uncouth and uncultured behavior is just too much to handle. The Pakistani fans are just taking advantage of our silence on the matter. After the final was over, a Pakistani fan made a snarky comment and chanted “Baap kaun hai?” as the Indian team members were walking back to the dressing room. This really made Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami furious. It was MS Dhoni who controlled him and took him back to the dressing room to avoid any other controversies.

Pakistan fans have to seriously learn to appreciate the effort both the teams have put in to reach the finals of such a huge tournament. It is really a shameful thing!