What Her Father and Grand Mother Did to this 5-Year-Old Girl Will Surely Lose Hope In Humanity

How much ever we try and take the support of the government but there seem to be no change happening in the society. Just imagine the Nirbhaya case which happened to be in 2014 was given justice recently which was a failure in itself. But can be a death sentence give justice to the human who has faced a huge pain and if the rape victim is alive then they have to think about the survival. Do you believe that a women or a girl who has been through a rape in a disgusting manner gets a justice by someone’s death.

The person should get more than just the death because that person deserves it not just because someone gets a justice. Then the topics arrive of humans right think about it do they even fall in the category of human? No right. One more such cruel incident took place with a child who is yet to understand what sexual abuse is.

A 5 year old girl from Nashik, yes you heard right. Her age was just five years, more to go. She was raped by his 26 year old father who a laborer is named Sachin Shinde. He came from a wedding, completely drunk state, according to the reports the girl was sleeping on a separate bedroom with her grandmother Anusaya Shinde. When the father entered the house he saw them sleeping took her daughter to other bedroom and raped her.

Whereas Sachin’s mother didn’t stop him from doing it and instead murdered her to save her son from the Police case. The girl was so unlucky that her mother was out of town. The murder was well planned and well executed they had dumped the body near the school to make the case look different. And then when Police police questioned during the preliminary investigation the accused man and his mother, confessed crime.

The grand mother booked on charges of murder, while the case was lodged against the father for rape and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act-2012.

We cannot even digest the fact that such brutality can also be part of our country. What are your views about this incident?

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