Kohli’s Twin Spotted In Pakistan

There are some news pieces that really triggers a big laugh in the audience and which might sound really ridiculous at first. But, the media feeds off these kind of news just like this and it might unknowingly also cause misunderstandings amongst the audience sometimes as well. Recently news spread in the media that Virat Kohli’s twin brother was spotted in a Dominos Pizza outlet in Pakistan.

Now, an Indian would be terribly offended and will not be able to stand the fact if Virat Kohli is found playing for or even supporting Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that the picture that was leaked on the internet created a lot of stir among the audience because the man in the picture actually looked exactly like Virat Kohli himself. Now, it is understandable that the first wave of emotions would have been that of extreme shock because Virat Kohli has no twin brother.


infact, the last week, there were many discussions about a Pakistani journalist who wanted to interview Virat Kohli in exchange of the entire team. Such a ridiculous demand had only one result coming its way; she was literally slammed and criticized for this statement. After that, eventually people forgot all about this stupid demand. A couple of weeks ago, a video was leaked online and the audience were left in a severe state of shock to see that maybe even Pakistan have their own Virat Kohli. Everyone’s reaction was exactly the same when they saw the Pakistani version of Virat Kohli.

What basically caused the confusion was the presence of a Dominos employee behind the counter who looked exactly like the superstar cricketer. In the clip, the audience can clearly see a ditto look-alike of Kohli working at a Dominos store there. At one point of time, the audience even found it very hard to differentiate between the real Kohli and the fake one.