This Is How Katrina Kaif Described Salman’s Mean Side Through A funny Story

Salman khan and Katrina has always been in touch even after break up. Although when katrina started dating her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor (co-actor in jagga jasoos). It is heard that they have become Bff and also working for their next film together. They share a different bond, also respect each other.

There are rumours roaming around that they have been spotted together all the time and gossips are that they have started dating each other again. Well if it’s true then there fans are surely going to love it.

Recently few pictures from the sets of Ali abbas Tiger zinda has was leaked on social media which made rounds. This is making all the fans eager to watch this movie where they share the screen.

While talking to Katrina kaif she revealed an interesting incident with us from the time she was crying and Salman khan was laughing at her.

Katrina surely treats Salman khan as her mentor and guider in the industry. She said, “He has always believed in me. She was part of the movie “saaya” by Anurag Basu was the director. John abhram was the male lead. I was told to come for a shot one night and I went for the shoot. In that movie I was playing a ghost and it was a silent shot. I just shot for two days, and I was told that I am no more in the movie. As soon as I came out of the room I started crying.”

“While I guess the same day I met Salman khan and I’m weeping and he was continuously laughing. I thought how mean he is. I was thinking I was chucked out of my first film and my career is going off track, why is he laughing. He finally calmed down and calmed me down saying, you don’t understand, this doesn’t mean anything. I know this is not the end, I don’t know when but you will surely go far. Just focus and work hard.”

Well this proves that they surely are best friends forever.