The Kapil Sharma Show to Have 3 Famous Cricketers and Everybody is Super Excited

Kapil sharma lost the audience the moment Sunil Grover left the house but he is always trying to do something new to make the show better and bring it on top of TRP charts like it used to be before. He has added elements and characters to bring back the charm of the show. No doubt what Dr. Gulati and Rinku devi (played by Sunil Grover) the two characters did can’t bring back the same charisma. Kapil sharma has always being surprising us from calling the most famous celebrities in his show so that at least there would be some enthusiasm left in it. Recently from the sources we heard that there are 3 Cricketers soon going to seen at the Kapil Sharma’s house and it is was a big suspense. Anyone who can guess who those three people going to be?

So let me not take one more minute and reveal them, they are Hardik Pandya, Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina on the Kapil sharma show, this would be there first time in the history of the Indian television because they never been to any shows.

Kapil Sharma Show To Have 3 Famous Cricketers!
It’s been a long time we haven’t seen three cricketers having a heart to heart conversation on the show with the fun element in it. This episode has to be the most exciting one. They will be on the show after the conclusion of the IPL which ended with a winning team Mumbai Indians over Rising Pune Supergiant.

Hardik Pandya tweeted about his presence in the show; “Stumped, caught and bowled with laughter! Guys, can you guess where am I?”

Shkhar Dhawan also uploaded a pic and shared his excitement with the below tweet.

We hope that this episode will surely show a huge difference in the TRP of Kapil sharma show and increase its viewership to some extent. The players will be seen sharing their professional life as well as their personal life, the last time when Yuvraj Singh came into the show the TRP was increased and also he had shared few stories of their friendship and conflicts which took place.

We are surely very excited to see the trios on the Screen with Kapil Sharma; aren’t you?