An Indian Boy’s Invention to Save Women From Rapes

Being safe is not what a women wants, she wants to feel safe. What happens even if she has security behind her she will still feel unsafe because of all the past incidents. It is not only in the hands of government but also for all as an individual. Siddharth mandala from Hyderabad has proved by developing an “Electroshoe” which can be used as a weapon against the danger coming to a women. The only aim of Siddharth is to use his knowledge of physics that he was taught in high school in addition to make his dream gadget Electro shoe.
The gadget works like this first of all when he will attacked with the shoe, that person will get a shock of 0.1 amp electricity. Immediately it will alert the police and also the family members of the lady who owns the gadget. Siddharth also gave us more information about the product by adding, “The product was invented by using a different circuit board that uses footsteps as means of charging the shoe, and this concept is known as “Piezoelectric effect”. The charging depends on how much miles the shoes has walked. It’s yet to come to the marketing industry as siddharth want to first test it. He wants to study the market and know the review of the products by various supplier so that he can make necessary changes.
He planned for this idea long back when the Nirbhaya case happened and he thought that how technology can be a part of helping to all the women outside not being safe. When the product will come into the market all she needs to is charge the shoe that’s it. All the youngsters must start creating such beautiful ideas to ensure to make the country better place.