Have you watched Indian short film based on Pakistan?

These days’ short films are making a great impact on people and it has much better story than usual films. Recently an Indian short film was released which is based in Pakistan.
This story revolves around a six year old boy from Peshawar named Farooq (Sartaaj Kakkar), who wants a new school bag for his birthday. But like every other mother, his mother (Rasika dugal) refuses him, scolds him for not being responsible. The child still begs her for getting him the school bag which he saw last year in the market. But mother still denies to get him the bag and the boy threatens her saying if he doesn’t get the bag he is not going to school. This is just the premise of the heart-breaking Indian short film.

Its mother and son’s relation and also the story has more mystery to it. The film when released has already got good reviews from the critics and has won 22 awards and internationally won awards too.
The narration of the story might sound typical story but trust us it isn’t. It will surely make you uncomfortable when you reach the ending part. Sometimes we need 2 hours to convey a single story but this story is just of 15 minutes and it has very well explained the story.
The lead actors Rasika dugal and the child actor Sartaaj Kakkar was successful in doing justice to the characters played by them. The short film is filled with powerful performance.

You surely need to watch this if you’re found of good stories. However this short film won’t disappoint you. It is available online on various sites.