Much Awaited Game Of Thrones Trailer Launched – The War is About to Begin

We wait for an year to watch our favorite series “Game of thrones” and yes with every teaser it increases our curiosity and eagerness to watch what’s next? Well usually we see the show releases on May or June but this time it postponed till July, the release date is yet to come.

Two months is a long time. The last trailer when it was released it made people restless totally that who will occupy the iron throne. On Wednesday the makers of Game of thrones released the official trailer with a bang for its fans. Yes it’s true that the official trailer of Game of Thrones is out finally, it will surely bring more curiosity and excitement.

The video has many elements where it makes their fans think what would be the next step. Perhaps season 7 of most awaited series brings more adventurous the trailer consists of 90 seconds with so many hints.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) delivers a sentence in the trailer which says “I was born to rule 7 kingdoms.” Whereas on the other hand, Liam Cunnighham, Who plays the role of Ser Dayos says, “It doesn’t matter which skeletons sits on the throne.”

It clearly shows the tension going on between each sequence of the character, when the trailer was about to end Jon Snow from north with his voice declares that the north is still alive and ready to fight the war among all the other seven kingdoms. We have to wait for the huge war soon going to happen in the month of July and yes the sad part is it will only have seven episodes from here on. According to the production house they are going to have seven episodes for each seasons.

After watching the trailer countless times, only one thing is sure the great war is coming.