Dhinchak Pooja Got Insulted At Twitter For Her New Song” Dilon Ka Scooter”

There is absolutely no place for the truth on the internet or any social media platforms. Recently, a lady with sort of a mental disorder perhaps released her videos on social media platforms. She apparently calls herself ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ and she has managed to gather over 1 million and counting, followers on twitter and facebook.

Despite the fact that her videos are generally very irritating and annoying to even sit through a few minutes of it, she has still managed to gather quite a large fan base. She basically believes in using scenes from other movies and make video trolls out of them on the internet. She has done this with movies like Interstellar and Inception, which were true masterpieces. However, recently she released her ‘Scooter song’, which managed to gather quite a fan following and viewers, but also got some severe criticism from the public as well.

A majority of the complaints were that the song had completely no meaning at all and also just proved to be annoying and irritating to even listen to a part of it. Dhinchak Pooja who has become a real internet sensation caused throbbing headaches with her latest song, “Dilon ka Scooter”, which enraged a few of the viewers and youtube users. The viewers and users seemed to have absolutely no idea why she came up with this pathetic song in the first place. Recently, a viewer said in an interview that, “A good song consists of good lyrics, good voice and of course, has some meaning attached to it. But sadly, in case of Dhinchak Pooja, everything seems to be missing. Didn’t you rack your brains thinking what the hell she meant by “Dilon ka shooter hai mera shooter?”

The media will have to wait and see what Pooja tries to do to make up for this incident.