Check how these stars celeberated eid

Eid is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world and the biggest filmstars and celebrities celebrate this grand festival as well, with all the grand festivities and celebration. Let us now see how some of the stars and celebrities, celebrated this Eid.

Shahrukh Khan –

Shahrukh celebrated the Eid festivities at his bungalow, ‘Mannat’ in Bandra, Mumbai with his family and has a huge feast. He also invited the media and a few stars as well into his home for a feast. This time, Shahrukh also addressed a huge crowd outside his house in Bandra with his youngest cutie son, Abram.

Aamir Khan –

Aamir Khan celebrated Eid with his family and this year was no different when compared to all other years. He celebrated his Eid with his mother at his Bandra residence and enjoyed all the festivities as well.

Emraan Hashmi –

Emraan Hashmi was in the United States of America during Eid, along with his wife and son. They celebrated the festival by taking their son to the nearest Masjid which was later followed by lunch. Emraan basically hoped to spend some quality time with his son and wife, which he wasn’t able to do recently due to his tight schedules and daily appointments.

Salman Khan –

This mega star celebrated Eid at his residence, Galaxy apartments and also organized a huge feast at his residence itself. This time it was extra special because new age famous singer, ‘Lulia Vantur’ also joined the family in the Eid festivities.

Shabana Azmi and Farhan Akhtar –

This top Bollywood mother-son duo celebrated Eid festivities at their residence with a huge buffet spread.

Irrfan Khan –

Irrfan celebrated Eid at his residence in Mumbai along with his family. He also organized a huge feast that was utterly enjoyed by the public. It was seriously a huge spread indeed.