Check What A Mother Did, When Her Dauther Was Bullied For Being Bald

We are so particular about our hair, we do everything to take care of it. But imagine one day you get up in the morning and find yourself totally bald. Surely we can’t even imagine that about us.
A seven year old girl Gianessa wride from Utah has understood at this age the exact emotion of that moment. This year young girl was diagnosed by the disease alopecia which is that disorder which causes a person who has it lose some or all of the hair.

Her mother said that if once she refuse to intake the medicine the hair will start fall out again.
Gianessa’s mother also told about how it all started. On 1st January she took a bath and said her mother to comb her hair, while combing she noticed that her hair is falling too much and it’s not the usual hair fall. When she started looking around her head she found that there was a huge unusual hairless patch on the head. But we didn’t let her know about this and me and my husband about this, we decided to take her to paediatrician for consulting what was the problem.

The paediatrician was not sure about the diagnosed disease, so we took her to dermatologists. It took us almost 20 days to make her understand about the disease she is going through and her realise that her hair is not going to grow back again.

We made her believe she still can continue with her art dance activities. After a few month later, they were celebrating crazy hair day in the school. Daniella the school teacher said, “I was scared that how are we supposed to handle this but then she is a vibrant kid so we thought of putting on her head vibrant colourful stickers and she inspired a lot many by her look.” Luckily she won the “Crazy hair day award.”