BSF Jawan Played An Adult Video In Front Of Women Cadet! Check Here

There is a line that men cannot cross, especially in front of women. They should treat them with the utmost dignity and respect. There have been so many cases of eve-teasing and sexual harassment that have been recorded in offices, malls, and on the streets as well. The audience was utterly shocked when a video went viral online a couple of days ago. The media had nothing else to talk about.

An adult video was played by a soldier and cadet ‘jawan’ at the headquarters darbar, just before he was about to give his presentation. It was the 77th battalion that was held at Ferozepur when this incident took place.
The soldier was just about to give his presentation on his laptop, when an adult pornographic video started playing in front of atleast a dozen women who were seated in the auditorium that time.


However hard we try to avoid the embarrassment in our lives with, we are unknowingly get attracted towards it. Lack of discipline in our life sometimes leads us to making really unwanted and unexpected blunders which become a reason for shameful acts. But the really shocking part is that soldiers are generally known to be epitomes of discipline and order, and this incident has just reversed that thought for soldiers altogether.

Frankly speaking, whatever happened recently clearly says that people just have to be more alert and careful. Before going for the action, it is very important to double check things. The inspector general clarified that the soldier started his presentation and the adult clip played for just a few seconds when about 8 or 9 women were present in the room at that time.

Once the video was played, an inquiry was also ordered immediately by the Inspector BSF general. The audience and media will have to just wait for the final verdict after the inquiry.