Bangladeshis Insulted Virat By Posting Memes

When there is a spectacle of a match being telecast to millions of audiences around the globe, the expectations are always high. Now, coming to the Indian team they are one of the most popular and aggressive teams right now in the cricketing world. Right from their first match they have been owning and defeating teams comprehensively.

Recently they played Bangladesh in the semi final of the ICC Champions Trophy and beat them with 10 overs to spare, courtesy of the first three batsmen which included the Indian skipper Virat Kohli who along with Rohit Sharma dominated the opposition by playing some of the most exquisite and sublime shots to seal off the win for India. Virat Kohli is easily one of the most popular cricketers, whose every action is watched by the fans or media all the time and ends up becoming the headlines almost 90 percent of the times.

The semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 between India and Bangladesh was played at Edgbaston with the whole world watching the match because the audience is curious as to who will play Pakistan in the finals. However, after India’s comprehensive win against Bangladesh, they consider India as their arch-rivals. Mushfiqur Rahim’s wicket in the 28th over by Kedar Jadhav caused Virat Kohli to celebrate on the field with his tongue out. The celebrations of taking the crucial wicket were started by the Indian team but Virat Kohli celebrated it in a different manner by taking his tongue out like a tribal leader.

All the indian fans and those of Virat Kohli seemed to love it but a Bangladeshi Facebook page yet again tried to insult the Indian skipper by comparing him to a dog in an insulting and derogatory manner. This is a serious insult to India and people should just grow up and be more mature.