Atif aslam, Arijit Singh and Coldplay mashup created magic already

Well as we already know that Atif aslam and Arijit Singh have already made people fall in love with their voice, the whole Bollywood first choice for romantic songs are them. Any song they sing is a hit and makes people fall in love.

Like every other fan we wished too that the two of them singing together but yes definitely the duo is not singing together but surely there mashup can make you imagine what it would be like to have them in single performance. Well just stop right there give a hault to your imagination and why not listen to the melodious track.
But there is one more surprise in the track. Heard about Coldplay, chris martins voice and the duo can be the best pairing isn’t it. No doubt they will rock the stage together. When coldplay came into india and gave a performance on one of Arijit singh song it was miracle just on stage. Stop your dreams right there he isn’t singing any hindi song.

Aren’t you excited for this? Absolutely. Chris Martins favourate song The Sky full of stars is also in the mashup. Now we have three voices together whereas Arijit’s Famous track Love me thoda aur and Atif’s Hona tha pyaar.
Their voice are so soulful that there every song is still ongoing whether it would be very old. Well they have made so much impact, especially on the youngsters. They are the coming generation and they might be the most fan followers.

Let’s hope to see them on stage together someday well this itself brings bunch of excitement.