Amitabh Bachchan Revealed That He Hid The Burnt Hand In ‘Inquilab’ And ‘Sharaabi’

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most prolific and amazing actors in the Bollywood film industry. Ever since his rise to fame with the 1970’s superhit Zanjeer, he has just been the pinnacle of success and has just gotten better with every movie he does. He seems to perform every role and character with ease and grace and he has also literally done every kind of role possible.

With his recent performance as a mentally troubled lawyer in ‘Pink’, he really set the tone for acting and the younger generation of actors can surely learn a lot from him. He is the one of the most respected actors and celebrities in the world and has also appeared in Hollywood with a great cameo in ‘The Great Gatsby’. However, Amitabh did go through a slight rough patch during the initial stages of his career. The accident while shooting a fight scene in ‘Coolie’ turned out to be quite serious when, about 7 years later became a serious abdominal issue. He was admitted to the hospital and the condition worsened with every passing day. Luckily he was out of any kind of danger pretty soon, thanks to the efforts of all the doctors and nurses.

Recently, Amitabh revealed that he infact used to hide his hand while filming ‘Sharaabi’ and ‘Inquilaab’ in 1984 because he had burnt his hand due to an unfortunate accident. His hand got burnt during the Diwali season in 1984 but he did not let that come in the way of his acting. He delivered some of his best work yet with Sharaabi, where his acting is utterly brilliant.

The audience never actually knew about this incident and were pretty shocked when the news was leaked on the media and a few social platforms. Nothing can stop this megastar from ruling Bollywood!