Already More Than 600 Farmers Committed Suicide, When There Will Be “Achhe Din” For Our Farmers??

Far mer suicides and death tolls have gone up tremendously in the past few years. There was one point of time where the farmers grew their crops and produce without any tensions and made their daily commissions. But now, the corruption in the Government coupled with irregular rainfall patterns and so many other aspects have reduced the per capita crop produce by every farmer. These are some of the main reasons why farmers are left with no other choice than to commit suicide and put an end to their misery. The Government doesn’t seem to even care to do anything about these deaths because they know there will be 100 farmers coming in if 100 of them commit suicide. The situation and living conditions of the farmers are just terrible, not only for them but also for their respective family members.

A community that basically raises atleast more than half of India’s economy ultimately stands helpless today begging for their own basic rights. The corruption in the Government has gone so deep that there is no turning back. The opposition that went out all guns blazing to fight for farmers’ rights in the country and demands doesn’t even seem to be concerned and bothered about their poor conditions now. It has now come to the situation that the farmers have to eat rats, dance naked, and do all sorts of other desperate things just so that they could get themselves heard.

Sadly, the situation is only taking a turn for the worst and is slowly drifting away from any sort of improvement. The number of farmer suicides which was supposed to come under control, has increased by atleast another 42% since 2014. Demonetization, which was PM Modi’s trump card move was basically expected to strengthen the Indian economy turned out to leave the farmer society of India completely shattered. It had even come to the situation that some of the major moneylenders began looting the poor farmers on the pretext of providing instant cash to them.

Farmers are continuing with their duty of cultivation as usual but if their monthly and daily overall demands are not met, they will definitely make sure that the produce falls prey to the silence of this government.