5 beauty hacks you must know

5 of the best beauty hacks that have also proven to be the most effective ones are as given below:

Girls can keep the makeup remover right next to the bed so that they have zero excuses not to take off their makeup before they go to sleep –


Sleeping with makeup on can eventually cause various breakouts, allergies and infections. So, especially on specific nights when they are exhausted and cannot imagine standing at the sink for longer than about 30 seconds, they will eventually be thankful to have this stuff stashed next to their bed.


Girls can also hide a manicure that is growing out, basically by creating a glitter ombré effect starting at the base of their nails –


The best and most effective way to distract one’s self from a chipped or overgrown manicure is glitter. It is really pretty and will also last for a really long time.


When girls are too impatient to wait for their moisturizer, toner, and self-tanner to dry up, or for their makeup to set, then they can simply blast their skin with a blow-dryer on the cool setting –



Certain products like toners and tanners basically need to dry out completely before they move on to their next step while getting ready. Also, a blow-dryer can really help speed up the process and save time.


On certain days when girls don’t want to mess with their whole makeup regimen, they can use lipstick to add a little color to their lips, cheeks, and eyes –


This can be done by simply swiping their one-product wonder stick along their cheek-bone, brow bone, and lips. They can then blend it out with their fingers for a subtle glow.


Winged liners and the petroleum Jelly swab –


If girls love winged liners but don’t have the proper hand-eye coordination to execute it perfectly then, they can clean all the messy edges with a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly. However, making the perfect freehanded flick on the very first try could be a little hard and needs some practise.