After 15 Years, Salman Khan Brings Da Bang Tour To India

Salman Khan is one of bollywood’s biggest superstars ever and has an enormous fan base all over the world, especially among kids.

Salman always gets a loud cheer whenever he shows up for any event, award ceremony or function for that matter and this is all due to the person he actually is inside. His brand ‘Being Human’ is one of the most famous and fast-selling brands in the world. He basically believes that his fans are his biggest strength and power.

Salman Khan’s Da Bang Tour was a huge and massive hit. Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu and Prabhudheva were all a major part in their respective elements as a part of the show. It was a very fiery and compact show. The response from the fans and the hysteria was absolutely unimaginable and it was even beyond the actor’s expectations.

Getting the show to India was just a natural progression and Salman also felt that the response would be much better. This was also agreed upon by Salman’s actor-filmmaker brother Sohail Khan while he was discussing about his brother’s popular tour with the media.

According to a few sources, Salman’s tour entertained the Indian diaspora in Hong Kong, Auckland and Melbourne, a couple of months ago. It is now all set to come to India on an eloquent five-city voyage. Salman Khan and his brother Sohail say that the tour was extremely special because people bagged the rare opportunity of watching the star perform. On account of his large fan base, this would be an amazing opportunity to perform in front of all his beloved fans in India.

All die-hard Salman fans will have to wait for his show and it is definitely guarantee that the fans and audience will have a blast! Salman fans better be prepared for this ultimate show to see their ‘Bhai’ perform!